Metal staircase kit: choose it well

Metal staircase kit: choose it well

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To choose a metal staircase in kit, it is necessary to take into account several criteria including the shape and the type of material used for its design. Among all the models available, there is a staircase that meets his expectations in terms of quality and comfort. Find more articles on the theme: Work quotes for a staircase installation

Metal staircase kit: what shape to choose?

There are many forms of staircase available on the market: the straight staircase, the spiral or spiral staircase or the quarter-turn staircase. The straight staircase is easy to set up. By choosing this model, the calculations for its installation will be simpler to perform. The straight staircase is characterized by a quick installation and an advantageous price. As for the spiral or spiral staircase, it is the perfect model for those who have small areas. In addition, the latter does not require support points during its installation. However, this type of metal staircase kit is rare on the market. It is therefore one of the most expensive. As for the metal staircase in quarter-turn kit, it is the most common model on the market. This shape is appreciated because it saves a lot of space. It is further characterized by generally wide and balanced or radiating steps. This simplifies the descent or the ascent of the steps for this model.

Metal staircase kit: what materials to choose?

After having solved the problem of the form, it is necessary to head for the choice of the material of your metal staircase in kit. You can opt for example for a stainless steel staircase, a steel staircase, an aluminum staircase or even an iron staircase in kit form. The latter model has the advantage of adapting to all types of interiors, whether traditional or contemporary. In addition to being economical, it is also light and allows you to enjoy a variety of colors. As for the steel staircase kit, it offers a wide choice of finishes. As for the aluminum staircase kit, it seduces not only by its lightness but also by its great malleability. This allows more creativity on your part. It is also easy to maintain and available in many colors. However, it should be noted that this type of model is not suitable for all interiors. For people who want to give a modern touch to their accommodation, a stainless steel staircase kit is the ideal choice. Less massive than a wooden staircase, such a model will have the advantage of bringing more light into the room. It fits perfectly in an industrial style interior and can adapt to all the aforementioned shapes.