Tutorial: a geometric felt pad

Tutorial: a geometric felt pad

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Give Aline a few balls of wool and needles, she will do you wonders! This knitting enthusiast shares all her creations on her blog, Aline au pays des mailles. Are you a fan of fashion, knitting, news: 739825 crochet, DIY or jewelry? You will inevitably find in this blog an article made for you! As you can imagine, what we like is the decor. Bingo! A true jack-of-all-trades, Aline even shares tutorials to decorate your interior. We therefore fell for this nice tutorial which teaches you how to make a colorful and geometric felt pad! Duration: approximately 1 hour Cost: approximately € 9


You will need: - 4 felt coupons 30 x 30 cm - 2 felt coupons 30 x 30 cm (for the background) - a compass - a ruler - a pencil - a sheet of card stock - a pair of scissors - a chalk (to trace on the felt) - sewing thread and a needle - a sewing machine (optional)


1. Start by making a template that will help you create your felt hexagons. On a sheet of card stock, form a circle 10 cm in diameter using your compass. Then draw your hexagon following the diagram below.
2. Cut out your template and transfer it to 4 felt coupons by drawing its contours in chalk. Form as many hexagons as necessary. For this tutorial, Aline made 21. Then cut your hexagons, giving a single scissor stroke for each side, to avoid demarcations.
3. Take the 2 remaining felt coupons and sew them together so as to obtain a large sheet of felt. You now have the bottom of your desk pad. For this step, you can use a sewing machine if you have, or sew by hand! 4. Now you will determine the shape of your desk pad. Place your hexagons on your background and create the shape you want. Using chalk, transfer the contours of your shape to the bottom. Remove all the hexagons and cut out your background following these contours.
5. Finally, replace all your hexagons. The felt is self-gripping, so they will adhere to the bottom without problem. The advantage is that you can change the pattern as you see fit!


You now have a nice geometric desk pad, trendy! In addition, it is flexible according to your desires. And if you are definitely convinced by the pattern that you created and you want it not to move, you can fix your hexagons on the bottom with a little glue.

Thanks to Aline from the blog Aline au pays des mailles for her creation! Did you like this tutorial? Send us photos of your homemade desk pad on our Facebook page, and find more ideas on our Pinterest!