Before / After: Clarify the living space and relate it to the kitchen

Before / After: Clarify the living space and relate it to the kitchen

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Hard to imagine that behind these generous and well-thought-out volumes once hid an old and poorly organized apartment, composed of a somewhat isolated kitchen, a very cramped bathroom, a useless corridor and a narrow dressing room. With a beautiful variation of gray and white, this 65m² apartment, revised and corrected by the architect Akram Ben Abderrazak and the decorator Philippe Carrillo from the group Créateurs d'Intérieur, recreates a contemporary atmosphere with its designer furniture with strict lines. Discoveries in pictures! Area: 65m² Budget: 1600 € the m²

Well thought-out friendly cuisine

Before: Degraded and worn out over time, this kitchen no longer meets the expectations of owners who wish to clarify the living space and put it in touch with the kitchen.

After: At the heart of the layout, the kitchen now fits into the decor with a new sophistication that is very pleasant to live in. Through, the kitchen now opens onto the living room by a well-cut double arch. This intervention made it possible to get rid of the corridor and offer a comfortable opening. The layout of the room, much more logical and fluid, is accompanied by a simplification of the decor, favored in shades of light gray, anthracite gray and white. Thus valued, gray makes the kitchen shine with a thousand lights! The creation of a false ceiling made it possible to conceal pipes and ventilation ducts, which had become invisible. An interesting tip which, on a very damaged ceiling, makes it possible to avoid resuming the plasters and to see the cracks reappear after a few months. Finally, all the challenge of this renovation was to reduce the point, typical of rooms on the course of buildings of the beginning of the century. Removed, it allowed the creation of a substantial work plan and a generous living space.

Rearrange spaces

Before: In this apartment of the end of the XIXth century, the distribution had remained that of the old dwellings. A succession of random rooms, including among others, a long dark corridor leading to private and technical rooms and a large living room -dining room with period fireplace, bathed in lights.

After: The partition disappeared and the arches cut, the space is fluidized and the room ventilated. This intervention now allows owners to admire the living room and its beautiful fireplace dressed in black from the kitchen. In the entrance, the installation of a cupboard with mirror facades effectively maximizes this area, which is often poorly optimized. The parquet floor, cleverly taken up by a carpenter, made it possible to fill the gaps left by the downed partitions and created an intelligent delimitation of the spaces. Philippe Carillo and Akram Ben Abderrazak, Collective Interior Designers