The Minions finally have their official color created by Pantone!

The Minions finally have their official color created by Pantone!

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Pantone is the world reference for color. If Pantone declares the Marsala shade as the color of the year 2015, then you can be sure to find Marsala everywhere in decoration, fashion, design or even beauty. In April, this institute created a vitamin color inspired by the funniest characters of the year: the yellow Minion. In collaboration with Universal Pictures and Illumination Entertainment's to which we owe the films "Me, ugly and nasty" in which the Minions appear, Pantone imagined a color as close as possible to these small characters. Result: the Minions now have their official color, which the director of Pantone Leatrice Eiseman defines as "the color of hope, joy and optimism"! So you can now repaint all your walls in this ultra cheerful color (or maybe one wall will suffice, right?).
Ah well, you will notice that this new Pantone color is born a few months before the release of the film The Minions. Coincidence? I don't think so… Source: Pantone Color Institute


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