Tutorial: transform a shirt into a cushion

Tutorial: transform a shirt into a cushion

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Your man has a favorite shirt. The one he wears all the time, for years now. But here it is, today, she saunches him a bit, her favorite shirt! But out of the question to part with it, this shirt is a lot of memories! So today, to keep this "rare and precious" object (according to your lover), we are going to learn how to transform a shirt into a cushion!


- a shirt in the news: 739845 fairly thick fabric - cotton wool - a sewing machine - an iron - scissors - sewing pins - your news: 739839 pattern Sewing values: 1 cm. Budget: around 5 € Duration: 2 hours


1. To start, put the buttoned shirt on a work surface and put the news: 739839 pattern so as to integrate the pocket or pockets of the shirt. The middle of the cushion is at the buttons of the shirt. Cut the squares. Our tip: open the sides of the shirt to make it easier to cut.
2. Stitch along the button placket.
3. Place the squares right sides together (the pockets are therefore inside) and stitch on three sides to 1 cm leaving the bottom open. Trim to 0.5 cm, then cut the corners flush with the seam to facilitate turning.
4. Turn over and iron.
5. Fill the cotton pad without over-bomber. Fill the edges of the open side to 1 cm, pin and stitch.


And here you are, you have just transformed a shirt into a pretty cushion! Your darling must admit, he did well to entrust you with his beautiful shirt that has become too small! This cushion fits so well on your vintage leather sofa ... it would almost give it a little hipster style!

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