Geometric trend in decoration

Geometric trend in decoration

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The geometric trend is found a lot in the fashion world. Today, it invites itself into your interior for a sparkling and original style. Squares, circles, diamonds, triangles or rectangles, the geometry is installed on the walls, the floor, the textile, the furniture and the decorative objects for your greatest pleasure.

Geometric shapes: from fashion to decoration

The geometric figure appears as the trend for this fall-winter 2012-2013 season. Omnipresent in fashion, geometry is now taking over the world of decoration with more and more colorful, design and original shapes. Inspired by abstract art initiated by Mondrian, Kandinsky or Miro, the fashion of geometric shapes has taken advantage of their paintings. Abstract art detaches itself from reality to offer another form of expression beyond appearances. The shapes and colors thus reveal a spiritual truth. They focus on vibrations, sensations and emotions. In decoration, this art is expressed through graphic patterns printed on textiles or declined on everyday objects.

Bet on geometric shapes in your interior

Lighting, furniture, mirror, tableware, wallpaper and linens are dressed in diamonds, stripes, squares or rounds to create a unique sensory experience. Imagine and reinvent a daring and sparkling universe around bright colors for an offbeat style or pastels for a retro decoration resolutely in tune with the times. In tones of Khaki, chocolate or gray, this graphic style gives a second life to winter colors. In a register inspired by the 60s, prefer vibrant colors for your geometric shapes. These are making a comeback in decoration. Thus, you can energize and transform your daily life.

Ferm Living's geometric influence on decoration

A Danish brand, Ferm Living injects joy and good humor into your interior. Wallpaper, everyday object, tableware, textile or furniture, this innovative and original brand creates a decoration with surprising and playful geometric patterns. In a spirit that is both design and graphic, Ferm Living imposes triangular shapes on placemats, cushions or carpets and adds circles on the textile. She brings her daily vision of decoration combining charm and modernity.

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