Tutorial: a chain and fabric necklace

Tutorial: a chain and fabric necklace

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If we are fans of homemade jewelry, we also like to customize existing jewelry with a personal touch. Sometimes it only takes a few minutes to completely transform them! Today, we are going to learn how to transform a simple chain with a strip of fabric.


- flat pliers - a 25 cm chain with large links - a 25 cm chain with medium links (to be cut into two pieces) - a tube of glue - a spring clasp - three rings - a band of 100 cm fabric - cutting pliers or scissors to cut the fabric strip Budget: around 20 € Duration: 1 hour


1. To start, pass the strip of fabric through the links of the large chain over an entire length.
2. Put a dot of glue on both ends.
3. Connect each end to a piece of the chain with the medium links.
4. Attach a clasp and a ring to the ends.


Your necklace is now finished! You can also add a second strip of fabric to add color. And to put it away without it getting tangled with other necklaces, learn how to make a necklace display stand!

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