Stéphanie Marin presents her Play Yet collection!

Stéphanie Marin presents her Play Yet collection!

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Founded in 2004 by designer Stéphanie Marin, the Nice publisher Smarin designs, develops and distributes various design projects. This year, Stéphanie Marin gave life to a collection with an amazing design, conceived as a real construction game, ultra fun: Play Yet! Presentation.

Play Yet, when decorating becomes child's play!

Straight out of the imagination of Marseille designer and founder of Smarin, Stéphanie Marin, Play Yet presents itself as a construction game in its own right. Composed of several elements in cork and wood (oak or natural beech), this construction kit is assembled in two stages, three movements, and is modular, at will. Enough to arrange your living space, whatever it is, by composing an interior decoration adapted to your needs, in a playful and personalized way.

Create your living space endlessly

Between relaxation, work or conviviality, it's up to you to choose where and how to set up Play Yet: shelf, stool, bench, table, desk, and even a child's bed and hut! In short, give life to all your desires and compose your living space, endlessly, thanks to this ultra modular collection, combining playful and functional design, with 100% natural materials: cork, in particular, recognized for its qualities remarkable (lightness, impermeability, elasticity, rot-proofing).
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