I tested for you: Izy from Chronodrive, the connected racing remote control

I tested for you: Izy from Chronodrive, the connected racing remote control

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If shopping is a priority need that I try to do every week, however this act is, most of the time, a constraint for me which I unfortunately can not escape! And, especially when I have little time in front of me! Fortunately for me, I recently discovered that the pioneer of the "drive" in France, Chronodrive, Auchan's subsidiary, had just launched the first connected service in France. Called Izy, it allows you to shop at home, in real time, thanks to a small connected device. A boon for me who regularly misplaces my shopping lists. Interested and somewhat intrigued, I wanted to discover what was really hidden behind this new concept by testing the IZY connected scanner in my turn. Explanations!

Hiku: an ultra-simple remote control that works for everyone

When the remote control arrived at home, I couldn't resist long before opening the box to unpack it! Before I could test it, the first step was to create a Chronodrive customer account via the application for iOS and Android. To configure IZY, nothing very complicated! I went to the "memo" tab, then "configure my Hiku". In two steps three movements, Hiku was connected to the application.
First observation: I was immediately seduced by the successful design of this remote control. Sober and refined, it comes in the form of a small round white and metallic case which can be stuck, if necessary, on the kitchen refrigerator. With the remote control in hand, I was then struck by its simplicity and ease of use. To make it work, nothing very complicated! I had to scan the barcode by pressing the metallic button on the remote control or dictate my shopping list to Hiku when the barcode was missing or I was running out of time. Over the days, I was able to complete my shopping list with the assurance of not forgetting anything. And this, in a fun and playful way!

Become an IZY member

My shopping list completed, I then logged into my Chronodrive customer account. In the memo tab, I was able to discover the scanned articles. Bonus, I was pleased to see that IZY is based on its knowledge of my preferences. So, by saying "ham", I could discover in my memo the three most relevant products. However, I was disappointed to find that by scanning my oak leaf salad sachet, I ended up with toilet paper. In the end, out of twelve articles scanned, six really corresponded to the products I wanted. Somewhat disappointing, for an application that still costs 29.90 euros! My order confirmed, I had to wait half an hour before I could go to my nearest Chronodrive store to pick up my errands. Today for me, no need to navigate the shelves ... Thanks to the Izy application everything is done automatically from home and that's what I like! Price of the IZY service: 29.90 euros