Color association: which colors combine well?

Color association: which colors combine well?

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Essential elements in decorating your home, colors are often a headache ... Because if we generally know what colors we like, matching them is a more complicated task. Here are some association ideas that work to keep your odds in your home.

Pastel colors

Soft and soothing, pastel colors are the new stars of our interiors. The advantage is that we can marry them endlessly. Pale pink and cloud blue, water green and light gray… dare to combine them with paint, furniture and decorative accessories. In which room ? The living room

Yellow + black

Urban, contemporary, lively, yellow can give your rooms a number of styles, especially when combined with black. We dare, however, with small touches at the risk of brushing against the overdose! As a reminder, know that it is better not to exceed three colors in a room by generally giving the predominance to one of them and adding the others in small doses. In which room ? The kitchen

Natural colors

For all lovers of sober interiors, bet on the marriage of natural colors that delight with each other. Beige, light gray, taupe, brown ... on the wall or as accessories, you are sure to avoid the wrong note! In which room ? Bedroom

Blue + green

Long headlining in all the rooms of the house, the marriage of anise green and turquoise blue is ideal to awaken a decor. By daring the two paintings on the wall or with tiles, the result is lively. In which room ? The bathroom