Challenge 15 minutes of cleaning per day: I clean the splashback and the walls of my kitchen

Challenge 15 minutes of cleaning per day: I clean the splashback and the walls of my kitchen

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Third day of the great cleaning challenge and we must admit that we are already feeling the benefits. The result is especially visible in the cupboards which found order and cleanliness from the first day but I also appreciate having a small kitchen appliance that sparkles. No more old things getting dusty on my worktop, the kitchen is almost clean! So here we are on day 3 devoted to cleaning the splashback, the walls and the windows of the kitchen. It must be said that with projections, grease and vapors, the walls of the kitchen are subjected to severe test. For this new stage, I have equipped myself with baking soda, hot water, a microfiber and newspaper: at least cleaning, if not the most fun activity in the world, does not cost not very expensive! And what satisfaction then).

Clean your credenza and the kitchen walls

The splashback of my kitchen has a stainless steel appearance but it is actually a melamine laminate. Even if the manufacturer assures that it is very easy to clean, I noticed over time that some oil splashes remained attached to the splashback even if I was sponging. This is the time when ever to make a real scrub. For this, I used baking soda which I mixed with hot water so as to obtain a paste. I applied all the paste on my backsplash, taking care to protect my work plan with cloths. I left to act for ten minutes before rinsing with a microfiber soaked in hot water and wrung out. As long as to do and to save precious minutes, I overflowed on my walls during the passage of the microfiber. The result is quite mixed. I still had to rub when the initial idea was to do as little as possible. So I don't know if it was my effort or the baking soda that got the stains out. Many other products are recommended for the maintenance of its splashback: next time I will probably try black soap or clay stone to see if the effect is more effective. I wanted to show you the difference so that you can judge for yourself but there is nothing that looks more like a dirty credenza than a clean credenza. To the naked eye, I can see the difference but in the photo all the traces disappear as if by magic.

Make your windows shine

I admit, the window washing activity is not my favorite. Fortunately, I only have one window in my kitchen. I take this test to test the tips of grandmother given on, and especially newsprint. Just wash your windows in hot water and then wipe them with crumpled newspaper. To avoid traces, circular movements are carried out. If I was a little skeptical at first, the trick is good in the end and this avoids using products that are often expensive and not always effective. This time I thought of the before / after photo. As in addition we had just suffered a big storm the day before, the difference is very clear between the window washed and that waiting.

Lessons to be learned

Know your cuisine . The cleaning products are not the same depending on the surfaces to be treated. If you have washable wallpaper or painted walls, the action for cleaning is not the same. The same goes for the credenza, which can be made of stainless steel, glass or even stone. If you are not sure which material to clean, find out well beforehand because cleaning could turn into a nightmare. Subscribe to a paper journal . It sounds like a joke but I was lucky to find an old newspaper lying around at home. Newsprint has become a rare commodity for some, we can fall back on other products such as white vinegar or lemon juice. And maybe one day I will invest in an electric window cleaner (but is it really the magic solution?). Let rest . The baking paste acts effectively, no need to rub. So I tell myself that it would be interesting to put the dough in the morning and rinse my splashback in the evening. By splitting up my work, I could perhaps be more efficient (my obsession, you guessed it!). As for day 1, I would be lying to you if I said that I managed to clean the splashback, walls and windows in 15 minutes. For an activity like washing walls, I suggest you put on some lively music: since you have to move your arms, you might as well do it in rhythm! And then it's much less tiresome. Tomorrow we are attacking a day which, I hope, will be more restful with the cleaning of the hob, the oven and the sink.

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