The benefits of coffee grounds for your plants: both fertilizer and repellant

The benefits of coffee grounds for your plants: both fertilizer and repellant

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During their development, plants sometimes need a little help to promote their growth. There are many products that can perform this function, but most are chemical and therefore quite harmful to the environment. However, you may have a product that can act as a fertilizer, but also a natural insect repellent. Ophélie shares her tip with you, on video!

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Coffee grounds

Ophélie's trick is very simple. It consists in keeping your coffee grounds, because it has two interesting properties: - A repellant property, - A fertilizer property. Indeed, it easily repels flies that hate its smell, and scares away glasses that attack the roots of plants. In addition, marc is an excellent nutritional supplement which is particularly useful during potting, since it has a huge phosphate content.

Incorporate it at the base of a plant

First, scratch the soil on the surface of your pot to turn it over. Then pour the coffee grounds and mix it with the soil. All you have to do is lightly pack and water. This trick will stimulate the flowering of your plant and repel the insects that are harmful to it. You now have a very simple trick to encourage the development of your plants. You can apply it to flowers, shrubs… because they all need phosphate. So do not throw away your coffee grounds, keep it to beautify your garden! Find How to make a natural fertilizer and repellant on