DIY child: make a puzzle with ice cream sticks

DIY child: make a puzzle with ice cream sticks

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Summer is here and with the heat, the desire to quench your thirst with sorbets and ice cream! So much the better, because this is the "recovery" moment: collect the ice cream sticks, wash them carefully and keep them in a corner until you have a certain amount… And the time will come when you can take them out and make completely original puzzles with your dear blond heads that will amuse them a lot. Otherwise, if you are really impatient to test this little DIY, you can also buy lots of blank sticks ... Besides the sticks, you will need to provide: - a computer and a printer to print the image of the puzzle. - a pair of scissors - varnish in a jar and a brush to apply it - a roll of masking tape or other adhesive tape - a ruler (optional) - a news: 739781 cutter - and the tip for rendering the image is impeccable: a fine art fixer in a spray or a special ink jet spray, or failing this a hairspray!

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