Major works: what are the essential tools and materials?

Major works: what are the essential tools and materials?

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Doing heavy work can be a real ordeal. Sometimes just being well equipped makes the job easier. But how do you properly equip yourself? What are the tools to have? What equipment is required? To find out more, we went to Brico Dépôt.

What are the tools you need to carry out major work?

If you have big jobs planned, you must of course equip yourself. There are different levels of equipment, they depend on the nature of the work. Indeed, the equipment will be different if you knock down a partition or if you redo the walls of the room. We must plan what to do the work, protect ourselves and protect any furniture.

Works: what are the basic tools?

The first point is of course to have a sufficiently large and secure toolbox. If you have a cellar or a garage, you can organize a DIY space. You must have screwdrivers, cruciforms, one or more hammers, pliers and an assortment of nails, screws and dowels. Among the essential tools, we also find the saw, the cutter, the meter, the adhesive tape, the level, the files and the sheets for sanding.

What do you need to carry out the work?

For your work to take place in complete serenity, you must equip yourself with a stepladder and a ladder that will allow you to reach the space in height. To have all your tools close at hand or to work without hurting your back, provide trestles and a thick plywood panel that will serve as a table.

What are the essentials for painting?

You must provide sufficient paint, brushes of different sizes, rollers and white spirit. To protect the room in which you work, you must also provide masking tape and tarpaulins so as not to damage your furniture and walls not affected by the work. Finally, make sure you have containers to pour the paint or even a wringing grid which will prevent drips.

What are the essential accessories to ensure our security?

Once again, it all depends on the work to be done. You must provide protective glasses, a mask, gloves, a helmet, suitable clothing and sometimes safety shoes.

What about the electrical tools?

If you do heavy work at home, you must have at least a jigsaw and a circular saw, a drill that has the screwing function and why not an electric sander, it is always more comfortable. We always recommend to experienced DIY enthusiasts to have a professional vacuum cleaner and a site projector for comfort.