All about the electric water heater

All about the electric water heater

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The electric water heater provides access to hot water in a home. Independent and instantaneous or linked to a boiler, this device has now become essential. Find out the essential information about the electric water heater. Find more articles on the theme: Work quotes for a water heater installation

Electric storage or instantaneous water heater

There are 2 large families of electric water heaters. You can therefore choose either the storage water heater or the instantaneous model. The storage water heater Also known as "cumulus", this type of electric water heater has a tank to keep the water hot. Its size will mainly depend on your hot water needs. The operation of this electric water heater is relatively simple. Cold water is introduced through the lower zone of the appliance, where it will then be heated, thanks to an electrical resistance. Depending on the model chosen, the heating system can be of the "soapstone" type, in other words the resistance is protected by a metal pipe, or of the "thermoplastic" type. In the second case, the resistance is directly immersed in water. Once the water is heated, it builds up at the top of the water heater, until you use it. The storage water heater will save you money if you have a discounted electric subscription during off-peak hours. The instant electric water heater This type of water heater has no tank. It is therefore less bulky than the storage water heater. It is advisable to establish it near the place where you will use the hot water, that is to say near the shower head, under the sink, under the sink ... The instantaneous water heater takes care of lukewarm water on demand, using an electric resistance. As soon as the tap closes, the appliance goes to rest.

Installing an electric water heater: the precautions to take

When you decide to install an electric water heater in your home, you must respect a few rules at all costs: - The installation of the water heater must include a safety group. This will prevent overpressure, acting as a safety valve. - Earthing is essential. - The installation of the complete equipment must comply with the standards in force. - If the water heater is installed on the floor, it is important to make sure that the floor is strong enough to support the weight of the appliance. - If it is a wall installation, check that the fixing is carried out carefully, in order to avoid incidents. - For installation in the bathroom, it is recommended to install the electric storage water heater 60 cm from the shower or the bathtub, i.e. either in volume 3 or out of volume. - If it is impossible to install in volume 3 or out of volume, the electric water heater can be installed vertically in volume 2, or horizontally in volume 1. - If it is a water heater instantaneous electric, opt for an installation in volume 1 or 2.