10 ideas for a decorative headboard in the bedroom

10 ideas for a decorative headboard in the bedroom

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A headboard is a little icing on the decor of your room, right? At the editorial office, we dug up to find 10 great ideas that you will not see in everyone! Simple or more spectacular decor ideas, bright ideas, romantic ideas, there will be something for everyone! And the good surprise is that you will not leave your wallet there…

On the wall: the masking tape

Better than a sticker, more original too, the masking tape! The great thing about masking tape is that even those with two left hands can use it. And in addition, unlike ordinary tape, the masking tape leaves no trace on the walls - good to know when you are a tenant ... But place for action: choose a color that contrasts with the color of your wall. Make a small sketch by hand of the pattern you have chosen, this will allow you to better understand the space. Forget the curves and the ovals, you will have to create a pattern made of lines. The positive side is that your creation will be all the more graphic!

DIY: the palette

You can do almost anything with pallets! Follow the advice of our national Tom to make your reclaimed pallet headboard! The little extra thing? You can even use the top of your new headboard as a small shelf to put bedside books and trinkets on. When we tell you that Tom always thinks of everything!

Luminous: the garland

You can simply hang a light garland above your bed or, more sought after, give your light garland a particular shape: a simple bridge over your bed, a silhouette of a house, etc. Everything is possible.

Warm: the fabric

And why not a headboard covered with a pretty fabric, linen or a little thick cotton for a natural and warm effect? If you cannot find what you are looking for in the store, the D system is possible: just staple the fabric of your choice on a plywood previously cut to the measurements of your bed.

Theatrical: the curtain

Even simpler than fabric, place theater-style curtains. Put a rod at the desired height and hang the curtains, either closed or retained by tiebacks.

Flea market version: old painted doors

We are inspired by the very beautiful rooms of the Henriette hotel in Paris and we recover an old double door that we repaint with a color that contrasts - we are quite a fan of the duck blue + light gray association! We place everything behind our bed as a headboard and voila.

Seaside: the paneling

Put paneling directly on your wall respecting the size of the bed. You can then either leave it raw or paint it. Guaranteed seaside effect!

Elegant: the wallpaper

A solution that we also really like: wallpaper! One strip should be enough for you. As here at Farrow & Ball, you can decide to cut your wallpaper for a baroque chic look. Unless you prefer to put wallpaper on the whole wall section on which your bed is placed.

Thousand and one nights: the canopy

For a romantic and oriental atmosphere, we choose the bed canopy. For this we fix the metal structure to the wall and then drop on each side a nice colored veil.

Brush option: painting

We return to see Tom who will give us not one, not two but three simple ideas to create a headboard with paint! We choose a beautiful color that contrasts - our preference goes to fir green, subtle and soothing. And we follow Tom's step by step.