Before / After: Expanding a contemporary kitchen

Before / After: Expanding a contemporary kitchen

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At the head of a large and blended family, the owners of this Lyonnais apartment located in the sixth district dreamed of a large kitchen, a place of passage and life, in which everyone could have their meal, work, read their newspaper and to do one's homework. They called on Sylvain Perillat who, to meet their request, decided to enlarge the old contemporary kitchen and create a central island. Discover the places in pictures!

Combine two rooms to create a comfortable kitchen

Before: To be another, sometimes just a touch of lipstick or a little mascara on the eyes. It is the same for this little kitchen where everything has changed, without anything having really changed! Originally therefore: a tiny contemporary kitchen designed by Espace Contemporain - a regional kitchen designer - and an adjoining children's room. Not very practical for a blended family! The owners therefore called on Sylvain Perrilat from the SP Architect agency to completely rethink these two spaces. Objective: knocking down a partition and recovering the surface of the old room while retaining a section of wall and a large part of the elements of the original kitchen.

A central island as a common thread

After: To create this convivial living space so coveted by the owners, the architect took the advantage of a central island so that the family could easily move around it and thus really live in the room. This was done in a laminate finish and painted white. The island is partially made up of tall elements from the old kitchen, which have been recovered and reused. To compensate for the level differences between the two original parts, the floor has been redone beforehand. The latter was covered with a uniform parquet coating to address an acoustic problem.

A pleasant and lively kitchen

After: One of the constraints of the project was to process natural light. So, to create this functional kitchen, pleasant to live in and bathed in light that the couple wanted, the architect opted for a glass partition. This allows to bring a maximum of light in the entrance hall adjoining the kitchen. And to allow him to take ideal possession of the premises, Sylvain Perrilat opted for a canopy made of white painted wood. Finally, to standardize the whole, a false ceiling was created, decorated with spotlights and a decorative suspension in order to have two levels of lighting.
Sylvain Perrilat, SP Architect


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