6 entrance tips to save time in the morning

6 entrance tips to save time in the morning

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Properly arranging the entrance to your home can be a smart way to optimize your time in the morning and start the day off right. Between waking up children, preparing breakfast, washing and dressing, it is often easy to get overwhelmed. So to manage the essential morning routine and prevent your awakening from turning into a real ordeal, you have selected six tips for a peaceful start to the day.

Support for bags and satchels

Setting up a dedicated space for bags and satchels, this is an interesting idea to avoid the early fights and thus start the day relaxed. Handmade wall hanging rod, coat rack or coat hook to decide!

A coat rack

It is also impossible to ignore the essential coat rack for a well organized entrance hall. To find your coat, scarf or hat in the blink of an eye, think of a wall coat rack that has the advantage of dressing the wall elegantly, being inexpensive and saving considerable space. You can opt for a traditional standing model. And if you run out of space, choose stickers.

A jewelry basket

It is not always easy to find adequate storage for your jewelry and accessories. When you like bracelets, rings and necklaces and have several pairs of them, or when there are many of you in the house, it is better to have a practical and functional storage space to avoid the chore of having to search for them. upon departure. The most practical solution is to store them in a box. If you have a wardrobe in the entrance, you can also imagine a system to hang them or incorporate baskets or small lockers on your wall and categorize them. It will then be very easy for you, when going to work to dig in, because it is your reach.

A phone holder

Starting the day off right, goes through an organization orchestrated to the minute. By charging and installing your mobile phone the day before in a dedicated holder, you are almost sure not to forget it when you leave the house.

A mirror with storage

Installing a mirror in your hallway is another tip to save time in the morning. Not only will it serve to enhance your entrance, but it will also have a very practical aspect. Indeed, installing a mirror in the entrance will allow you to verify that everything is in order before leaving. And to save extra time, opt for a model with storage in which you will have your makeup. With this tip, go back and forth in the bathroom!

A wall keychain

Ha… the keys! They definitely make us see all the colors in the morning! Tired of wasting time looking for them at checkout? With a wall-mounted key chain, the eternal question "where have my keys gone?" Should disappear for good! Wall hooks, magnetic keychain, small wall cabinet or playful version, there is no shortage of ideas to make the entrance practical, functional and decorative!