How I saved my wallet with a cheap glass partition

How I saved my wallet with a cheap glass partition

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The glass partition to delimit your rooms

Need to define a room without insulating? The most trendy solution is of course theworkshop style canopy artist who ventilates the spaces while creating the desired separation. Discreet, full of charm and ideal to bring a certain cachet to your interior, the latter can be installed in the four corners of the house.

In an entrance for example, to avoid entering directly into the living room and create a small hallway space. In a master suite, the canopy is also a very good option to separate the sleeping area from the bathroom space, and give you more privacy. And if it does not have a window, this installation will allow natural light to still enter it while retaining maximum brightness.

If you want to open the kitchen to the living room, but you are not very fond of 100% open American kitchens, the glass roof can be the ideal solution: place two that you will space a minimum to partition while maintaining a link between these parts. Finally, you can also adopt a sliding canopy to create an original door between a corridor and a bedroom or an office.

The different types of glass partition: all tastes are allowed!

In reality, there are different kinds of glass partitions:

  • The classic vertical canopies: the partition is glazed on the upper part, the rest is made of aluminum.
  • The pivoting vertical canopies or sliding to use as doors for example.
  • The simple workshop canopies (Horizontal).

The canopies are available with two, three, four or five tiles, in many colors, and with many possible finishes for the aluminum frame: depending on the style you are looking for and the way you want to partition your spaces, you will be spoiled for choice!

How to find a cheap canopy?

If the glass partition is more and more acclaimed in interiors for its undeniable aesthetic and practical qualities, there is a small problem with it: if you choose to call on a professional to create a custom-made partition at home, the prices can quickly fly away… Fortunately, the type of artist studio partition has become widely available in the world of decoration in recent years, and all the major DIY and furniture brands now offer cheap canopies or at very competitive prices (it is for example possible to find pivoting glass partitions from 150 €!)! Please note that:

  • There are now glass partitions equipped with a system of adjustable feet, which allows you to adjust the height (usually about ten centimeters). Very practical, this system allows you to obtain a glass partition almost tailor-made but at lower cost!
  • Canopies fitted with single polycarbonate glazing are obviously less expensive than those with tempered double glazing ... but they are also less solid!
  • Some DIY brands sometimes sell canopies in kit to assemble yourself at very competitive prices. But beware: the glazing is not automatically supplied, and must be purchased in addition!