Enlarge a small room in 5 steps

Enlarge a small room in 5 steps

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It is my refuge, my sanctuary, my little cocoon ... The nicknames that we give to our room often describe a protective, closed and enveloping place. However here it is: the desire for the great outdoors sometimes takes us. Suddenly we have only one idea in mind: push back the walls and change the air! Fortunately, expanding a small bedroom can be done in many ways, including simplicity and creativity. Give yourself a whole day to transform your little refuge into a real corner of paradise. Watchword ? Optimize space!
  • 1. Small bedroom, large storage!
  • 2. We reassess his needs and adapt his furniture accordingly
  • 3. Decoration tips: can we dare to color in a small room?
  • 4. How to paint a small room to enlarge it visually?
  • 5. No broom closet or hospital room: choose the right lights

Small bedroom, large storage!

And yes, you will not escape it! If you want your small bedroom to appear more spacious, you will have no choice but to free up space. The best way to proceed is as follows: sort, clean, put away! Repeat at least once a year, ideally two. Start with your clothes: put aside all the clothes you have worn at least once in the past year ... And give the others to a charity. Look things in the face: you know very well that this too short skirt will not gain the few centimeters that it misses during the night to come. And above all: do not feel guilty, neither for having bought it in the first place, nor for detaching yourself from it today even though you have never yet - or so little - worn it. Do the same in the rest of your room, keeping only the items that are useful to you or bring you joy. And above all do not keep anything "just in case"! You will probably have collected, at the end of this first step, several bags of objects and clothes to sell, donate or recycle. Be aware of the space savings this represents! Now is the perfect time to thoroughly clean your room and the interior of your furniture. Also remember to ventilate your room well during this step.
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We reassess their needs and adapt their furniture accordingly

When you have a small bedroom, you should avoid the "King Size" bed and the Norman wardrobe. Choose furniture of small sizes and standard beds. For example, prefer 140x190 or 90x190 size beds, choose narrow bedside tables and shallow shelves. For the wardrobe, also be reasonable. Now that you are able to better assess your actual storage needs, there is no point in keeping furniture completely or half "empty". They will only unnecessarily occupy a precious space that you are looking to reclaim. If you realize that your wardrobe is ultimately too large, or that you no longer need some of your furniture, do not hesitate to put it in sale on resale sites between individuals. Perhaps you will also find a new wardrobe there, a little more in line with your needs and with the new decor you have in mind for your bedroom! Take advantage of it, but don't fall for the first piece of furniture: take the time to make well-thought-out purchases, and buy only what you need. The person who sells you the wardrobe also has an impressive collection of hangers and small Russian dolls? Be realistic and magnanimous: they will certainly delight a collector passionate about matryoshkas ... But not yours. Finally, simple storage tips exist to optimize the space inside your storage furniture. Thus, Marie Kondo has developed a method of folding clothes called the KonMari method. Many videos on the Internet will explain this method which, in addition to making you save a lot of space, will allow you to never forget an unhappy t-shirt at the bottom of your drawer!
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Design tips: can you dare to color in a small room?

When we wonder how to visually enlarge a room, the first answer that comes to mind is often to give a big spray of white paint on all the walls and on the ceiling. Clear paints, and white in particular, have the power to capture light and therefore erase the limits of a room. However, if it is true that white walls can adapt to all types of decoration, you should also keep in mind that it will be much more difficult to bring a real character to your room starting from this non-color. One or more painted walls are often enough to create an entire atmosphere on their own. This means that you will not have to invest in new furniture or decorative items in order to give a style to your room. Very often, a bed set in accordance with the paint color of your room is enough to set the tone. The neutrality of white is also a double-edged sword: it alone does not transmit any emotion. It is now recognized: colors influence our mood and our feelings. So why not use them to create a room that can soothe, relax and make you see things in a more positive light? If I had to choose only one color for a small room, I would vote for a pretty sage green, which will catch the light well while giving an atmosphere of serenity to your room. In any case, avoid colors that are too bright and too energizing, such as red, orange, electric blue, fuchsia pink, anise green, etc. which could have a negative influence on the quality of your sleep. Whichever dominant color you choose, it should ideally occupy only 80% of the visual space of your room. Reserve 15% for a secondary color, which will be added in small touches, for example on your bed linen, your curtains and a nice carpet, and 5% for a third color whose role will be to give a little depth to first two. My favorite combo? Sage green in dominant color, gray blue in secondary color and deep blue by small touches. Of course, since white is not a true color, it does not count in this equation!
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How to paint a small room to enlarge it visually?

It is quite possible to paint one or more walls of your room without this having a negative impact on its volume. On the contrary, a lengthy room will benefit from having its back wall painted in a darker color than its three other walls: this will give width to the room. Leaving the fallout from the ceiling white like this one will also allow you to give height to your room by erasing the limit of the walls. If your room is facing north, choose a rather warm complementary white, with a touch of yellow. This will warm up the rather cold light that naturally lights up your room. Conversely, if your room is facing south, do not hesitate to go to colder tones. To avoid the "shoebox" effect, baseboards and woodwork will preferably be painted white or in the same color as their wall.
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No broom closet or hospital room: choose the right lights

In small rooms, the fixtures should be small. Whether placed on the bedside table or on the ceiling, we avoid XXL models which will reduce space. It is also recommended to choose bulbs emitting a neutral light, and this in order to better highlight the color of your walls. Finally, do not hesitate to multiply the sources of lights, without however going into excess: a ceiling light , two bedside lights and a small light garland will be more than enough in a small room. You can also replace the ceiling lamp with a floor lamp that you will place near your wardrobe. Did you know that ceiling lights were almost absent from Nordic houses? The Scandinavians prefer to have several small sources of dim lights rather than a single strong light. We therefore follow their example, especially in the bedroom! Thanks to our tips, pushing back the walls of your bedroom becomes child's play!