How to give a Brooklyn style to your kitchen?

How to give a Brooklyn style to your kitchen?

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Fan of the industrial style, you want to organize your kitchen in this spirit, and more, you would like to bring a friendly touch worthy of Brooklyn. Easy ! In 5 tips and tricks, discover how to achieve this decorative desire. Change of scenery guaranteed.

Opt for red bricks

A signature element of Brooklyn kitchens, red bricks adorn the walls and enhance the space. Rather than decorating the whole room, prefer to arrange them on a single wall, the largest, if possible. Result? A place of life with a warm atmosphere.

Bet on a parquet floor

On the ground, echo the warmth of the red bricks by opting for a dark tones parquet, as in this space, as authentic as you want.

Choose a central island

Who says Brooklyn-style cuisine, says central island. Suitable for sharing, this arrangement opens up the space to the living room or the dining room. If concrete reinforces the industrial atmosphere of the room, you can also prefer stainless steel or wood, it's up to you.

Prefer industrial style lighting

On the lighting side, bet on metal lights, industrial style like these ultra decorative suspensions. Another option? Design spots or some retro wall lights, from the Jieldé brand, for example.

Decorate with high stools

The last detail in the spirit of Brooklyn apartments and lofts: high stools. Always in an industrial style, these seats reinforce the friendly atmosphere of the place and allow discussion while preparing the meal. A really good idea!