Mistakes to Avoid in Planning an Open Kitchen

Mistakes to Avoid in Planning an Open Kitchen

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The open kitchen, also called American kitchen is a conception of space that is back in fashion. Having a dining room distinct from the kitchen is now over, the trend is to have a single living room where the two spaces coexist. But before tearing down walls in your home, here are the tips to follow so you don't go wrong.

Mistake # 1: Do not compensate for nuisance

With an open kitchen, your living room is in the same space as your kitchen. So this means that the smell of food, the heat of cooking dishes in an oven or the noise of a coffee maker or a dishwasher, are all nuisances that will be multiplied since no door will separate the two rooms . To prevent your sofas from being impregnated with unpleasant odors or from noise disturbing residents in the living room, install an extractor hood and favor silent household appliances.

Mistake 2: Not having enough storage space

Who says open kitchen also says space without partitions. It is therefore necessary to install storage so that it does not overflow into the living room ... The layout must therefore be thought out well in advance. You can place a central island around which you can move or store your utensils and appliances optimally, in cupboards or drawers, so that those you use often are easy to access.

Mistake N ° 3: Having the same decor in the living room

Two spaces in one, this can be very practical but beware of lack of taste in decoration! You have two options. Either you decide to make a demarcation between the two rooms to delimit them (which is preferable in a small kitchen), by changing the flooring for example or by installing a screen, or you prefer not to divide the two spaces visually. In this case, if the colors and materials used must be similar without the living room losing its charm. Avoid an overly pronounced color in the kitchen and favor pop-colored elements such as lamps or stools. In the living room, keep a cocooning style with carpets and warm tones.

Mistake # 4: Choosing the wrong appliance and furniture

To avoid the eye being caught by the kitchen, it is important to select household appliances as aesthetically pleasing as possible (without this being to the detriment of its performance, of course). Choose design models, sleek and go everywhere. Prefer stainless steel for example, which goes well with any color. Regarding furniture, forget the imposing furniture in the dining area or the living room in favor of sober furniture.
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