The oven with cooking probe by Beko

The oven with cooking probe by Beko

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As you approach the New Years Eve meal, you must be preparing your shopping list to establish your menu. If you want to serve the traditional Christmas turkey or capon to your guests, you will have to use the oven well and master the cooking of the meat perfectly, otherwise the evening will be ruined. Thanks to the new probe oven from Beko, your dish will be unbeatable! Explanations.

The integrated cooking probe

The new Beko brand oven has an integrated thermal probe. Késako? It's very simple: this element, plugged into the oven, goes into the heart of the dish and lets you know what temperature the food is cooking. This temperature is displayed, not on the probe, but directly on the digital screen of the device, for better readability.
You can even program a specific temperature so that the oven stops automatically when it is reached. Impossible to miss the cooking of your dish!

An oven with a clean design

This oven with integrated probe has a total capacity of 80 liters. It is multifunction and 3D pulsed heat, which guarantees a homogeneous cooking adaptable to each type of food that you will introduce into the appliance. Beyond innovation and cutting-edge technology, Beko does not forget the design of its products. Thus, the model will fit perfectly in a modern or industrial style kitchen.
Sober and contemporary, it is also made of environmentally friendly materials. For the standard model, count 940 euros. New Beko oven, reference: BIMM35500XPS For more information, visit


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