A cube in my garden

A cube in my garden

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Flexible at will, the Cube is a box mixing metal, wood and glass on a very bright 9m² surface since 50% of the walls are glazed. Easy to assemble, set up and connect to water and electricity networks, the Cube can have many uses and can be fitted out in many ways.
The Cube has many functions to meet your needs: hosting your friends or family, sheltering your works of art, hosting your children's playroom or outdoor kitchen, working, gardening, tinkering or simply loosen. Having a cube in your garden means benefiting from a place that is unique to you and yet located very close to your home!
The Cube is also very useful for professionals who can use it to receive their customers, to constitute an isolated workspace within an open space or even to install a point of sale or information during various events.
Easy to assemble, it is delivered as a kit everywhere in France, thanks to the instructions and the video which are supplied with it. His price ? It takes about 1000 € per m² depending on the options that are chosen. It is nevertheless a lower cost insofar as "A Cube In My Garden" responds to many issues related to housing.
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