200 euros to make my Scandinavian cuisine

200 euros to make my Scandinavian cuisine

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Scandinavian style is at the forefront of the trend! To revamp your Nordic-style kitchen, all you need is a few decorative accessories. Here is our selection of utensils, furniture and crockery to take you straight to Scandinavia, for less than 200 euros.

Choose white furniture: 70.19 euros per chair

For a Scandinavian style, prefer white furniture, or in gray tones. The Maisons du monde brand offers a whole collection in this spirit, including these two minimalist chairs (Fjord reference), in wood and covered with a satin paint.

Have patterned mug sets for less than 40 euros

Swap your old dishes for porcelain bowls and cups with colorful patterns. These pretty models are signed Mr & Mrs Clynk. In the pot with bamboo stopper, you can store pasta, rice or cookies while adding color to your work plan (18.90 euros). For the five multicolored coffee cups, count 36.90 euros.

Accessories for the stove for less than 50 euros

Who says Scandinavian cuisine also says matching stove! This triangular pattern apron (30 euros) and this pretty tea towel (11 euros) are all to do in the Nordic spirit: predominantly white, with a hint of color and poetic patterns.

Linen for the dining area: 39.99 euros

If you have a dining area in your kitchen, the collection of the H&M Home brand offers an immaculate linen tablecloth, which will echo white furniture and decorative accessories. For lovers of overlays, you can add a table runner in another color, at 9.99 euros.

Display your dishes for 45 euros

Scandinavian cuisine highlights white and wood for its rustic side. Combine the two with this Ikea wall shelf (Värde reference) which allows you to display your pretty dishes instead of storing them in cupboards.

A Nordic tea time for just over 100 euros

It is not only the English who appreciate tea! For a break with friends or a well-deserved snack, this pretty set will take you on a journey! Count 70 euros for the porcelain teapot, around 35 euros for the trays and from 14 euros for the bowls and cups.

Accessories for children: 12.90 euros

To avoid being jealous and to match your children's dishes to your new Scandinavian accessories, opt for bowls with ears and poetic boxes with animal heads, signed Bandjo.


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