Customize your Ikea furniture legs with Pretty Pegs

Customize your Ikea furniture legs with Pretty Pegs

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At a time when Ikea hacking - this activity designed to divert and revamp the furniture of the Swedish giant - is in full swing, Jana Cagin and Mikael Söderblom have imagined a new way of customizing them: Pretty Pegs. Between playful shapes and offbeat looks, these amazing replacement legs will bring a nice touch of fantasy to your interior!

Give a new life to your Ikea furniture

After the success of the covers for sofas and armchairs imagined by Bemz, it is another Swedish brand that invites you to personalize your Ikea furniture, I named Pretty Pegs. Created in 2012 by Jana Cagin and Mikael Söderblom, a couple with an overflowing imagination, Pretty Pegs offers you to reinvent your Ikea furniture. How? 'Or' What ? Using a multitude of spare feet as design as colorful. What change decor without changing furniture!

Pretty Pegs, a simple and fun concept

Adding a touch of whimsy and giving personality to your Ikea furniture has never been easier. Thanks to their playful shapes and colorful looks, the feet imagined by Pretty Pegs adapt to all kinds of furniture: table, armchair, footstool, sofa bed ... With their very simple fixing method, they enhance your interior in two stages , three movements. Most ? Pretty Pegs feet are delivered worldwide free of charge. So, fans of happy design, go ahead and indulge yourself!
feet Pretty pegs , between 53 and 196 euros per pair on


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