Material focus: how to choose a brush for oil painting?

Material focus: how to choose a brush for oil painting?

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Oil painting is made up of ground pigments and bonded together by an oil, often linseed oil. Its drying is very long, it allows the effects of texture. You have a wide choice, choose brushes for news: 739805 oil paint of each type: short and long bristles, soft and hard, fine and thick, round and flat. Here are some tips to guide your choice.

The different forms of news: 739807 brushes for oil painting

It is recommended to equip yourself with a fairly wide choice of news: 739807 brushes for news: 739805 oil paint, suitable for all the uses you will make of it:
  • brush with fine and long tip: for long fine and regular lines;
  • brush with fine and short tip: for small and precise details and meticulous retouching;
  • flat brush: for large areas and flat areas;
  • worn curved or cat's tongue: used flat for flat areas and with the edge for details and contours;
  • range: for gradients and fades;
  • round with fine point: for dotted lines and long lines;
  • rounded and long: for rounded lines of variable thickness;
  • brush: square for small touches of color.

Types of actu hairs: 739807 brushes for oil painting

You can opt for news: 739807 oil paint brushes in natural or synthetic bristles, flexible or hard, short or long, it all depends on the use: for details, choose flexible bristles and a short handle which allows you to be close to the support to be painted, for more precision. Hard hairs are to be banished in this case, because they leave traces, and the rendering is not precise. Solids and impastos will require hard bristles and a long handle. The natural hairs of petit-gris are to be avoided, as they do not resist solvents. The polecats and ox hairs are fragile but soft and nervous, therefore suitable for oil painting precision. Beef hair is particularly suitable for diluted colors. The bristles of pig silk, hard but flexible, are robust and leave traces: for the effects of texture and impasto. Synthetic bristles are perfect for oil painting because soft and nervous, allowing to spread the color without traces. You will find news: 739807 synthetic brushes for less than 1 euro, but they are not to be recommended, because they will not look good and will quickly lose their hair. Better to opt for quality, some news: 739807 high-end brushes in petit-gris for example or marten that can reach 150 euros.