How to properly clean your chimney?

How to properly clean your chimney?

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If you did not give your chimney a good cleaning in the spring just after an intense activity in the winter season, you can do it before the arrival of the cold weather. It is important to properly prepare your chimney before restarting it: it is an essential cleaning both in terms of safety, comfort and aesthetics!

Sweeping, a must!

It is an obligation, the flues of your chimney must be swept at least once a year to avoid any risk of fire. So do not neglect your safety and that of those around you and call on a professional who, once the sweeping is done, will give you a certificate, a document that your insurer will require in the event of fire!

Proper cleaning of the heating body

A good vacuuming will remove the rest of the ashes in the heater before you begin to wash it properly. To do this, bet on an effective ecological solution: a brush soaked in white vinegar cut with water. Repeat the operation as many times as necessary then rinse and wipe.

Tackle the coat

Removing soot from the chimney breast is not always a simple matter. A classic technique consists in rubbing it vigorously with a very hard brush and water added with baking soda (or soda crystals for more fouled coats). If you really can't get rid of certain stains, use a few drops of hydrochloric acid in water, but be careful, protect your hands and face well! For the stone coats more specifically, you can perform a scrub which will consist of a prior cleaning with bleach, then the installation of a coating composed of boiled water, black soap and possibly a little d ammonia (for stubborn stains) let stand for several hours before brushing with soap and rinsing with clean water. For marble coats, try to pass a fine steel wool with soapy water. Finally, to complete the maintenance of your fireplace mantel, a pass with colorless wax will better protect it from dirt.

Cast iron plates and shiny glass!

The simple passage of a cloth coated with petroleum jelly will restore radiance to your cast iron plates. As for the glass, if you do not want to use commercial products designed for this purpose, the ash recovered in your fireplace applied on a damp newspaper is a very good stain remover! White vinegar combined with salt can also be effective against soiling your chimney glass.

Avoid messy fuels!

Be aware that your chimney can stay clean longer if you avoid burning combustibles which strongly clog the flues and the heating element. Among these messy fuels, we can cite too wet wood, plywood, painted wood, corrugated cardboard or your household waste!