Video: maintain your pool

Video: maintain your pool

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Summer is here and it's time to enjoy your pool. But although it is a place of fun and relaxation, it is essential to maintain it well. For this, there are several methods detailed by Christophe Prudhon, installer of swimming pools. Discover them on video!

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The coating

Depending on the coating of your pool, several maintenance solutions are available to you. On a hull system for example, the little grip will allow the vacuum cleaner to carry out sufficient cleaning. However, that doesn't stop you from investing in a more expensive robot or other automated system that will save you time.

Water filtration

Many improvements have been made in recent years in terms of filtration, especially in terms of skimmers. They are now integrated vertically into the pool structure to prevent leakage. They operate thanks to an overflow system, which adapts itself to the height of the water. Thus, the vacuum column is increased, and the suction is much better. Inside these skimmers, you will find baskets which intercept impurities such as leaves and insects, as well as cartridge filtration. The latter improves water quality without being forced to add chemicals.

The technical room

Note that the maintenance of a swimming pool also involves cleaning its technical room, and in particular its filtration pump. To know the number of hours during which it should run, you just have to halve its temperature. Thus, a swimming pool whose water is at 30 degrees will require filtration for 15 hours. If you also have a sand filter, remember to wash and rinse it by placing the control in the correct position. Attention, it is important to never handle your six-way valve when the filtration is on. To conclude, the complete maintenance of a swimming pool requires a certain rigor on the part of its owner. Using your vacuum cleaner is not enough, you also have to take care of the baskets and filtration, whether on the side of the skimmers or the technical room. With these few tips, you can spend your hot summer days in a swimming pool with impeccable hygiene! Find How to maintain a swimming pool on Produced by Minute Facile.