Master the art of cocooning

Master the art of cocooning

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Everyday metro-work-dodo can be stressful. So after an exhausting day, we have more than one desire: to go home and relax. In order to completely disconnect from the outside world and be able to recharge your batteries, having an indoor cocooning can help. Indeed, such decoration invites relaxation and well-being. If you want to master the art of cocooning, know that it is essential to take into account the colors, materials and accessories. So how do you create a cocooning atmosphere at home?

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The cocooning colors

You have decided to make your interior a haven of peace where breathes serenity. No more aggressive and flashy colors like bright red and welcome to soothing and calming colors like beige. Mastering the art of cocooning involves knowing how to combine colors that are both soft and warm. So, in order to avoid making your interior too sterile by choosing cool colors such as white, enhance a natural color like taupe with a deep red. In your living room, you can, for example, opt for a shades of beige and / or brown. In your bedroom, bet on soothing shades such as pastel colors, which will invite you to rest.

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Cocooning materials

In the art of cocooning, the choice of materials is essential. Indeed, the idea is to make your interior a space both rejuvenating and warm. To do this, bet on soft, comfortable and comforting materials such as wool, velvet and faux fur. So, you can choose to cover your sofa with a mohair throw, or even put cushions covered with faux fur. In your bedroom, make the floor comfortable by placing, for example, a sheep rug. Or add velvet curtains to make the room warmer. As for the choice of furniture, favor natural materials such as wood which will bring softness and harmony to your interior. But choosing rattan furniture is also a wise choice.

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The essential accessories for a cocooning atmosphere

Mastering the art of cocooning involves knowing how to put some accessories here and there in order to create an atmosphere conducive to relaxation and well-being. Above all, avoid anything that can be aggressive like sharp objects and opt for accessories that will soften the decoration by choosing, for example, candles that create a warm atmosphere. Or, have lamps in strategic places in the living areas to create a more intimate atmosphere. For more comfort and warmth, add some soft cushions on the sofa that will invite you to rest. And if you want to go further in your desire for well-being, consider creating a space conducive to meditation. To do this, install a large cushion on the floor in front of a small coffee table on which you can place candles, incense sticks and symbolic objects such as a small statue of Buddha.

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