Which plinth to choose for my parquet?

Which plinth to choose for my parquet?

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Answer: in wood or MDF imitation wood, with a color suitable for the wall and the floor.

The choice of the plinth of the parquet is important, as well for aesthetic reasons to enhance your interior, as for functional reasons. Indeed, the bottom of the walls suffer many shocks in the long term (kicks, blows on the chair, scratches ...). If you want to match your plinths with your parquet, it is better to choose wooden plinths. The basic models are in pine or fir, but there are also plinths in more noble species. If not, you have another solution, the wooden imitation MDF plinths. These have many advantages: they are more homogeneous and more resistant, and you can paint or varnish them if you wish. Regarding the color of the baseboards, opt for something lighter than the floor and darker than the wall to ensure a certain transition.

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