A makeover to my little girl's room for less than 200 euros

A makeover to my little girl's room for less than 200 euros

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Your little girl dreams of only one thing right now: saying goodbye to her nursery. To help him, no need to carry out major work. A few decorative tips and a bit of elbow grease will be enough to give your living space a facelift. Here are 5 ideas to inspire you.

Lay a large rug: 59.99 euros

Changing the floor of a room can sometimes be difficult and above all be a substantial budget for the wallet. If the one in your little girl's bedroom is damaged in only one place, hide this part with a large original carpet. We suggest a model with a hopscotch print, which will create a play space in addition to being decorative.
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Painting a wall with blackboard paint: 36.90 euros per pot + 3.50 euros per brush

To make your little girl create her own decor in her bedroom, consider painting a wall with special blackboard paint. A few chalks, a little imagination and there she became a real little artist.
Photo credit: La Redoute

Put a veil to create a canopy bed: 25 euros

Are you lacking an idea to decorate your little girl's bed in an original way? We have thought of the veil hanging from the ceiling to create a canopy bed for it. A real princess decor she will never tire of!
Photo credit: 3 Suisses

Hang paper birds from the hanger: 4 euros for the wire + 6 euros for the 2 sheets of paper, i.e. 10 euros

For a good time for two, why not plan a Do It Yourself afternoon? With a few sheets of pink paper, a model and fishing line you can make a flock of birds that you just have to hang from the suspension of his room.
Photo credit: Maisons du Monde

Customize the dresser: 16 euros for 8 handles + 46 euros for stickers

To give a new look to your old wooden dresser, choose to customize it! Start by placing a large sticker on the top drawer or repaint it. Then choose another "Love" model and glue it to one of the two bottom drawers. Finally, end up changing all the handles to give it a more contemporary look. That's it, his dresser finds a second youth.
Photo credit: Maisons du Monde