Sewing: learning to sneak a fabric

Sewing: learning to sneak a fabric

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Basting (or building) a news item: 739845 fabric consists of making temporary stitches on one news item: 739845 fabric to hold folds or several pieces of news item: 739845 fabric together. Several mount points exist and each one has its own utility. 1. Simple frame The news: 737409 single frame point allows several fabrics to be held together. Its realization is very simple since it consists in making a succession of straight stitches.
2. Tight frame The actu: 737409 point of tight frame is also used to hold fabrics together. To make tight stitches, all you need to do is sew straight long stitches.
3. Sliding frame The actu: 737409 point of sliding frame allows the fold of an actu: 739845 fabric to be kept at another thickness of actu: 739845 fabric. To do this, you must successively stitch a point in the fold and then a point in the news: 739845 base fabric.
4. Diagonal frame The actu: 737409 diagonal frame point is used to hold folds. Its making requires working the fold vertically and stitching horizontal stitches.


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