I want glass globes in my decor

I want glass globes in my decor

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Formerly used to put clocks, collect the bouquet of the bride or our other memories, the glass globe returns to the front of the stage and today adapts to contemporary decoration and the needs of each. Standard format, mini or XXL size, round, oval or rectangular shapes with rounded corners ... the glass globes enhance our small collections and decorative items, while protecting them, in a cabinet of curiosity spirit.

An artist's studio in my interior

Certain stagings give a whole new dimension to our objects and our decoration. This is the case of the Julis glass globe seen on the La Redoute site. Placed on a dark wooden base, this bell worth 39.20 euros is transformed into a sublime poetic setting to highlight all of our painting equipment. Full of charm and accessible to all budgets, it allows you to create an original and unique decoration in your artist's studio or in your living room.
Photo credit: La Redoute

Seaside inspiration in my living room

Directly inspired by the world of knowledge, museums and the university and seeming straight out of a family home, the rectangular bell with rounded Naturalist edges defies time and breathes new life into our decoration. Slightly larger than the previous one and worth 39.90 euros, it can instantly create a seaside atmosphere in your natural living room. With its black base and shells placed under glass, it perfectly embodies the soft and refreshing atmosphere that you dream of in your living room.
Photo credit: Maisons du monde

A glass bell for a gourmet decoration

Also used as a cheese board or to keep dishes warm, bells have seen, over the years, their functionality evolve. More aesthetic and more original, they stand today in our homes or on our table decoration as a decorative element in its own right. Romantic at will, the glass bell with Marschalle metal tray at only 13 euros is ready to welcome small treats or any decorative object of your choice.
Photo credit: Marschalle

Glass decor in the garden

Real transparent boxes, the glass globes are no longer limited to indoor use. Today they are settling in the j ardin to elegantly cover our fragile and delicate plants. Resistant and of various formats, they can easily adapt to the most diverse sizes and shapes of plants.
Photo credit: Kazei