Easy Demeco, a new app to move easily

Easy Demeco, a new app to move easily

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Demeco has just launched a new original application which aims to make your life easier when organizing your move. The principle is simple, film the rooms you want to move with your Smartphone and receive your quote 2 days later. Well thought out organizational flexibility, especially when you run after time. Gone are the days of binding inventories, meetings in the middle of the day to organize your move, Demeco leader on the move market, has just created a new application for Smartphone which consists in saving you precious time. Free and downloadable from the App Store and Google Play, all you have to do is fill out an information form and film the room or rooms to be moved. 48 hours later, you receive a detailed quote. A precious time saving that allows you to organize yourself when you have the time. For more information:


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