Micro trend: the ball basket

Micro trend: the ball basket

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Ultra practical and truly decorative, the Thai ball basket has established itself as a real must-have in our interiors. Installed in the living room, the bathroom or in the entrance, it is useful in all rooms of the house. Full light on this trendy basket which has certainly not said its last word.

We succumb to the trend

You have probably already seen it by leafing through magazines or looking for inspiration on decorative blogs. The ball basket is everywhere! Practical, original, easy to slip into any interior style and in any room, we are literally won over. With its rounded shape, it brings a fresh and warm note to your decor. What we also like about him is that once folded it turns into a small basket ideal for creating practical storage on a sideboard. Handcrafted from seagrass, the baskets vary significantly from one model to another. An undeniable charm asset!

One room, several uses

This Thai ball basket can adapt to the needs of each room in the house. In the bathroom, it is used to store towels or, on the contrary, to drag dirty laundry. A smaller model can also accommodate your beauty products once installed on one of the shelves. In the entrance, we dare it as storage for shoes, scarves or simply as a decorative object. Placed on the ground or suspended from a coat hook, it has a little effect. In the living room, it comes in handy for storing plaids or just the little things lying around here and there. Finally, our favorite idea is to use it as a planter for a pretty plant or for a small olive tree.

How about a makeover?

If its natural appearance is not to your liking, you can choose to customize it. Our favorite makeover: the bomber with silver paint to give it a little metallic style. The other, less radical idea that we suggest is to add some scraps of trendy fabric to it. Thus customized, it will not really go unnoticed in your decor.