Lawn: tractor or mower, what to choose?

Lawn: tractor or mower, what to choose?

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The mower, ideal for a small lawn area

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We consider that a garden with an area of ​​less than 350m² is a small space. The sodded area is very often lower if we count the constructions, the alleys, the vegetable garden, even the swimming pool. Grass cutting can therefore be carried out with an electric hand mower. This ecological mower is also inexpensive to buy. We choose an electric mower with grass collector to simplify the task. It is better to opt for a cutting width of around fifty centimeters in order to reduce back and forth. From 350 to 1,000m², the thermal lawn mower is sufficient.

The rider for steep terrain or with many obstacles

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When the lawn stretches as far as the eye can see… or almost, there is no other choice than to invest in a ride-on mower, a kind of essential mini-tractor to mow a huge lawn without getting tired. The rider - like a kart - is suitable for a lawn garden of 1,000 to 3,000m². Comfortable and efficient, it runs on thermal energy. A blower blade installed on the cutting deck allows the mowed grass to be ejected, but the rider can be equipped with a grass catcher. The recommended cutting width is 76 cm for 1,500m² and 112 cm beyond. Very handy, the rider is the ideal companion in a garden where beds and obstacles follow one another. It is also suitable on steep terrain up to 30%.

The large area lawn tractor

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The lawn tractor is perfect for an area between 1,500 and 8,000m² that is relatively clear. Equipped with an integrated collector, it avoids picking up mowing waste with a rake and the result obtained is impeccable. The side discharge lawn tractor allows for quick mowing. More expensive, the front cut ride-on mower with Diesel engine and hydrostatic transmission is extremely powerful and allows to obtain a professional result. Adapted to steep terrain up to 25%, these lawn tractors, on the other hand, are not very manoeuvrable in parks with numerous beds, groves and other obstacles.

Collection box or mulching?

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Mower, rider and lawn tractor can be fitted with a grass collector. Ideal, it collects mowing waste. Please note: a 500 liter container is very heavy. Better to opt for a 250-liter grass collector that is easier to handle. As for mulching, which consists of redepositing grass cuts on the ground as you mow, it is a frequent system with the rider. Ideal for fertilizing and protecting the lawn, it nevertheless involves mowing every three days. Not recommended for those who lack time.