Find the land of your house, instructions

Find the land of your house, instructions

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Buying property is often a priority for French people, who want a profitable investment and have their own house as they wish. The ideal solution is then to choose a building plot for your future home, but there are still a few formalities to be completed before you can build the house of your dreams. Find more articles on the theme: Quote work for a house construction

The criteria for the location of the building site

Choosing a building plot wisely meets imperative necessities in the face of the continuous rise in property rentals and the relatively low interest rates on property purchases. This is the perfect opportunity to buy land to build a house on: you will have your future home as you wish. At first glance, the choice of area and city is obviously the priority for households, and is a matter of personal appreciation as much as professional necessities. Indeed, urban or rather rural, residential area or not, family situation, are all criteria to take into account before considering any real estate purchase. The value of the land fluctuates enormously, and an in-depth study of market prices is therefore essential.

Studies required before buying land

An essential step is then to request certain essential information from the administration. Thus, the land use and urban planning plan, the constraints imposed by the field studies, the surface area, are conditions to be taken into account. The cost of construction can indeed vary depending on the nearby equipment and the arrangements to be made, it is then advisable to avoid future disappointments by inquiring as much as possible. The demarcation of the building land is also an important step before applying for a planning certificate. It must be carried out by a surveyor.

The different administrative steps

The town planning certificate must be obtained from the town hall or the seller, and is necessary for obtaining the building permit afterwards. This relates to the various laws on construction, the payment of property taxes, the right of first refusal, etc. Valid for 18 months, this certificate must be issued free of charge within a legal period of 2 months. Before obtaining the final building permit, a plan for the prevention of foreseeable natural risks as well as the local town planning plan should be considered. These then provide for the various constraints inherent in the construction, which the real estate project must respect. Once all these steps have been completed, the building permit can be obtained. Construction may take place with a valid work permit. Insurance, the choice of contractor and architect must also be provided before starting the final work.


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