Video: painting a piece of furniture with a lacquered effect

Video: painting a piece of furniture with a lacquered effect

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Is your library gray and the white of the melamine is slightly tired? Don't panic, repainting these smooth surfaces is most often child's play. Provided you follow a few essential steps such as acetone to allow your paint to adhere to the support and a light sanding. Here with Marie Davideau DIY lessons, a little lesson in customization.

Watch the video :

What you need :

- acetone - a cloth - a screwdriver - a can of lacquer effect melamine paint - a brush to re-fill - a small lacquer roller - a paint tray - a pair of gloves - a pair of protective glasses

The DIY lesson:

- protect your hands and eyes. - pour acetone on your cloth to clean the surfaces to be painted. - pour a little paint in your bin, soak and drain your lacquer roller. - with your resurfacing brush, clear the angles before covering the surfaces. - paint the tray and the sides of your furniture. Stretch the paint well. - let dry 2 hours, your furniture is like new! Discover our partner Lilibricole which offers in its and, as well as.