A touch of lightness with openwork suspensions

A touch of lightness with openwork suspensions

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Light and airy, the openwork suspensions invest our ceilings and waltz the shadows for a playful and poetic decorative effect. Like mini-cabins, they envelop the bulbs in a natural or very graphic way: some are sometimes like real works of art! After several decades during which the classic chandelier and the rustic pendant lamp have reigned supreme, these new fine and delicate lights considerably lighten our interiors. Whatever your decor style, the editorial staff gives you the keys to harmoniously combine your pendant light with your sweet home. Demonstration!

Suspensions for all styles

The lighting brands compete today in ingenuity to offer us beautiful openwork suspensions that are out of the ordinary! As often, the Nordic designers give the "the" in the matter, like the Swedish Olsson & Jensen with their reinterpretation of the classic chandelier with pendants, or Normann Copenhagen and its Bau pendant lamp with timeless design. French creators and brands are not left out and offer lighting with innovative materials and ever more original looks! Designer Constance Guisset imagined her Vertigo lamp so that the walls of the room are adorned with pretty vertical stripes once the ceiling light is on: ideal for a graphic and contemporary interior. For a more country decoration, we will prefer the wicker lampshades of the Swedish Ikea which warm the room while letting the light filter through the branches. Finally, the Maisons du Monde brand remains the specialist in ethnic openwork suspension and offers a wide choice of light and very decorative lampshades.

Make your own pendant light!

For a natural and DIY decorative rendering, imagine your own openwork pendant lamp by diverting an object from everyday life to transform it into a charming chandelier. Fisherman's basket, ethnic basket, macramé or crochet doily, wooden pearl necklaces, hanging of capiz scales… Everything is a pretext to illuminate the room in an original way! You just need to get a wire lamp kit in DIY stores and fix your homemade lampshade. Above all, consider using an aerosol fire spray can to flame retard any material that could be flammable (cotton, wool, etc.). Some objects can be attached to the socket (a basket or a basket for example), but you can also use the skeleton of an old lampshade - from which you have previously removed the fabric that surrounds it - to create your DIY openwork suspension. Another original idea: soak a large placemat in a bowl of sugar water and then dry it on an inverted bowl so that it takes on a pretty rounded shape. After fireproofing, slide your bulb in the center and attach it to the ceiling: guaranteed decorative effect!


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