Duralex, the classic French tableware

Duralex, the classic French tableware

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Duralex is a French brand known worldwide. It specializes in the production of tempered glass tableware. Some of their creations are timeless, others deliciously vintage. Duralex renews itself and offers products every year in line with current trends. Do you want to discover the past and present of the Duralex brand? Here is their story.

History of the Duralex brand

The Duralex brand was created in 1945, but its history began in the 1930s when the Saint-Gobain company bought glassware. The latter located near Orleans still exists, it has become the headquarters of the company. Duralex creations were very popular during the post-war period. Unfortunately, the 90s were difficult and the brand was taken over by an Italian glassmaker. We will have to wait until 2008 and the arrival of a group of shareholders for the company to recover. The brand innovates and opts for sustainable management. She lives with the times, for everyone's pleasure.

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A game of transparency

What makes Duralex strong is tempered glass. To obtain it, the brand heats the glass to 700 ° C and then cools it instantly. This process makes it possible to obtain a transparent and very solid material. Glasses, cups, plates, containers with lids and bowls support temperature variations of up to 130 ° C. They can go in the microwave and even be placed in the freezer. The Duralex brand also offers a range of products called OVENCHEF which supports temperatures between -20 ° C and 300 ° C. Tempered glass is almost unbreakable, it is 2.5 times stronger than conventional glass. And if you do the feat of breaking it, know that the pieces are not sharp. We understand better why Duralex is the favorite brand in school canteens.

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Duralex collections

The Duralex collections are very rich. They include glasses, bowls, cups, bugs, plates, salad bowls, cups, verrines, ramekins and many dishes for making pies, gratins and many other delicious baking recipes. Lovers of retro decor will happily find the dishes of their childhood, that of their school canteen or the kitchen of their grandmothers. If you like novelty, you will also find your happiness thanks to the latest creations as pretty as they are practical. At Duralex, transparency is essential but color is sometimes invited. So you will discover many blue, pink, orange or gray products. You can give free rein to all your table decoration ideas. Duralex offers simple dishes that can be used every day.

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Where to get Duralex tableware?

Duralex tableware is widely sold. You can get items in supermarkets, hypermarkets, department stores and those specializing in tableware. If you want to complete a collection or if you want to discover all of the Duralex products, go to the brand's website //

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