The valet de nuit, an ideal companion in the bedroom

The valet de nuit, an ideal companion in the bedroom

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The valet resumes service in the room. This free-standing hanger returns to the front of the stage under the impetus of designers and major brands. From the ultra design metal model to the more chic country style made of wood, discover the valets who caught our eye.

The valet has it all!

Occupying little space in the room, the valet allows several uses. Convenient to smooth out freshly acquired clothes or to put things down when you undress, know that originally it was intended to hang the clothes of the next day. It's up to you!

Photo credits: / Maisons du Monde

Where to find a valet for the room?

The cheapest is of course at Ikea who affixes it a form of chair. At the same time valet, towel rack or chair, we love its elegant style for 39 €. More traditional, Maisons du Monde and are inspired by old wooden valets with a real hanger shape extended by a foot or a square structure which allows you to place pants for example. Hartô, a brand that we spotted at the last Maison et Objet and La Redoute show, offer him a more minimalist and design vision by simplifying and purifying its lines.

Photo credits: Hartô Design / La Redoute


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