How I saved my wallet: the demijohn

How I saved my wallet: the demijohn

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We find them everywhere in our interiors. The demijohns, essential decorative items from the 70s, have been making a comeback for a few months. Available in many colors and shapes, they breathe a little retro air into the bathroom, living room or even the dining room. And who says fashion effect, says prices not always affordable. Finally, that was before the editor of you found some good deals! Round or bottle-shaped, blue or orange transparent, the demijohn is reinventing itself for our greatest pleasure. This famous handmade blown glass bottle refines all the pieces of the house in a vase, as a simple decorative object or even in soliflore. And if you redouble your ideas, it can even be transformed into a lamp base or an original luminaire once a light garland is slipped inside. At the editorial office, we love of course the sublime models imagined by Hübsch and Olive, but we are a little disillusioned with their price approaching 100 euros. Fortunately, by surveying the canvas long and wide, we found six, offered by major brands, at less than 30 euros. Treat yourself!
1. The Izolia glass vase, € 29.99 at La Redoute / 2. The Bloomingville recycled glass bottle, € 24.90 at / 3. The orange Gypsy demijohn vase, € 16.99 at Maisons du Monde / 4. The Madeleine glass vase, € 35 at Maisons du Monde / 5. The Diego glass vase, € 24.90 at Alinéa / 6. The gray glossy demijohn vase, € 16.99 at Maisons du World


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