Tutorial: making an anchor pad

Tutorial: making an anchor pad

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The stamps are great for decorating an envelope, an album or even to customize clothes! But since we do not always find THE motif we dream of, we can easily create our own stamps ourselves. This is Caro from the blog Les p'tites créa 'by Caro Dels (a real mine of DIY tips and tricks), who offers us a smart tutorial to make an anchor pad. Once you understand the technique, the pattern is infinitely declined!


You will need: - a piece of wood (or plastic, you just need the support to be rigid) - foam paper - glue - a pair of precise scissors - tracing paper (optional) - a pen - a pencil to paper


1. Take your foam paper, and cut an area the same size as the future support for your stamp. 2. Draw an anchor on the foam paper. Tip: if you are not a great designer, print your pattern and then trace it using tracing paper. You can then reproduce the pattern on the foam paper by pressing hard. 3. Cut your foam paper using precise scissors (nail scissors for example). 4. Glue your anchor to the support and let it dry. 5. To "pierce" the ring of the anchor, no need to cut: it is enough to press strongly on the foam with a point of pencil paper to pack it and create the hole of the ring. 6. You can now decorate your stamp, either by stamping the pattern before sticking it, or as here, by drawing on the wood and sticking a label sticker on it!


And There you go ! A pretty anchor to decorate your postcards, gift packages, albums, or just for fun (kids will love stamping anything and everything). And now that you know the technique, you can decline your stamps in any imaginable pattern!
Thanks to Caro for his creation! Did you like this tutorial? Send us photos of your anchor pads on our Facebook page, and find more ideas on our Pinterest!


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