The essential utensils for a magic cake

The essential utensils for a magic cake

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The big trend for a year now is the magic cake. If it is qualified as magic it is because in a single cake dough we find, after baking, 3 different textures. A crisp sponge cake on top, a creamy cream in the middle and a custard at the base. And yes, it's magic! The perfect cake to impress your guests. However, if it is made up of very classic ingredients, the method of preparation and baking are decisive for the success of your magic cake.

The essential beater for the sponge cake layer

For an airy and crunchy sponge cake on top, the whites must be mounted in firm but not compact snow, otherwise they will be difficult to combine. And beware of chocolate which does not facilitate the appearance of the different layers. Do not worry, to succeed in this perilous stage, nothing like a good drummer!

The mold for a perfect result

Prefer a mold between 20 and 24 cm in diameter and 4 cm in height so that we notice the different layers. Preferably use a silicone mold for a perfect release, otherwise line your mold with parchment paper. Wait for the cake to cool completely before removing it from the mold.

The oven is all about cooking

Baking is the key to the success of the magic cake. It is important to bake the cake in a natural convection oven or in traditional oven mode. Especially no hot air at the risk of seeing your cake rise like a soufflé. It must be cooked at 150 ° C for a minimum of 50 minutes. Indeed, this cake requires slow baking to be able to obtain the 3 distinct layers. Depending on your oven, you may need to increase the cooking time. At the exit of the oven, your magic cake must remain trembling in the center but the point of the knife must come out clean.

The refrigerator to perfect the tasting of your magic cake

Let the magic cake sit for at least two hours in the refrigerator, or even overnight. The tasting will only be better.
If you want to fill up on recipe ideas for magic cakes, here is our selection of books: "Le Gâteau Magique", in the collection Les Petits Plats, Marabout, "Gâteaux Magiques: 1 preparation, 3 textures" by Hachette and " Incredible magic cakes "in the Les Délices de Solar collection.


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