How to choose easy-going orchids?

How to choose easy-going orchids?

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Orchids are beautiful flowers that have a little Asian touch. We love them for their color, their size and especially their beauty. An orchid does not require too much maintenance, that is why by choosing your flower well, you can let it flourish at home. But how do you choose easy-going orchids? We asked Laura, who works at Jardiland, who is a big fan of orchids, for advice.

How to choose the right orchids?

A good orchid is an orchid that breathes health. Its leaves should be very green, smooth, firm and without any stain. Always choose orchids whose leaves do not fall, it means that they have been well maintained and sufficiently hydrated. The roots should be green or white and very thick. As for the flowers, they must be at the beginning of their hatching.

Are there signs that should alert us?

Yes, as I just told you, an orchid that has not been properly watered will fall. Spots, overly open flowers and brown and soft roots should make you flea. Never buy orchids without flowers. Even at low prices, this is really no big deal.

Orchids are massively sold, can we trust all the brands?

Unfortunately no. There are two types of orchids, those cultivated in the rules of the art and those cultivated massively in greenhouses in Holland. To make the right choice, simply favor brands that know the origin of their plants. Also beware of very inexpensive orchids.

How to choose the best location for an orchid?

Orchids need light but should not be placed in direct sunlight. The temperature of the room in which your plant will be placed is very important, it must be between 16 ° and 20 °.

How to properly water an orchid?

An orchid does not really water. Give it a bath once a week and drain it well. Standing water is very bad for orchids, it damages the roots and the plant rots.

Do you have other tips to share on the choice or maintenance of orchids?

Yes ! You should know that orchids are a family. There are a multitude of them and not all of them talk in the same way. Do not choose orchids in the form of a floral presentation, they are cut and their lifespan is very short. Prefer potted orchids that you buy in a garden center or from a florist. Always seek advice from a seller to learn more about your flower and how to care for it.