A new decorative touch with customizable planters

A new decorative touch with customizable planters

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105 is the number of combinations offered by the brand new range of Tokyo planters by Grosfillex, the specialist in PVC living materials. This means that you will have the possibility of giving your garden or your balcony a personal touch, while guaranteeing it the essential design note. Note that these bins are also comfortable inside. You will understand, it is a favorite of the editorial!

Bins in solo or in very decorative duo

The Twinkoncept Tokyo, these are PVC planters that come in slender conical pots, basins and plant pots. From a height ranging from 61 to 120 cm, in current colors - burnt orange, anthracite, fuchsia, warm gray and cactus green -, the probability of compositions reaches 105! Modular and stackable, in duo or solo, and a beautiful matte finish, these design pots highlight all the green or flowering plants and therefore allow you to imagine a personalized and very decorative indoor or outdoor space.

Resistant and very practical containers

This collection of bins is made of synthetic resin, a resin resistant to shocks, UV and frost. Easy to maintain, ultra light and practical with their removable saucer, the Tokyo trays adapt to small and large spaces. The assembly is simple: compose your model, ballast the lower part with gravel, superimpose, repot and admire the result!

Free combination of bins for all styles

Design compositions in gray and white or arty duos in orange and fuchsia, compose your bin according to the style and colors of your exterior or interior. Sculptural, the beautiful 121 cm height of the conical pots perfectly punctuates the volume of an entry or brings a Zen touch to a bedroom. You can also play the ephemeral decoration game for Halloween, for example, by choosing burnt orange flowerpot holders, for a table setting to make you shiver…
Recommended retail price : Around € 120 for the large model, 1.20 m high, in a GSB network and garden centers


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