Unidentified Decorative Object # 5

Unidentified Decorative Object # 5

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Notice to all lovers of design! The editorial team unearthed a magnificent glass sculpture designed by the artist Étienne Meneau. But wait, if you take a closer look, it looks like this creation is actually hiding a little subtlety. You do not see ? Let us tell you their little secret. It is true that looking at this glass sculpture, it is difficult to guess the mystery that it contains. And yet, this pretty find is actually ... a decanter! It is in its glass arteries that the wine gets rid of the deposit with a lot of class. Convenient to serve at the table, and chic, a clear wine without sediment to its guests. They can only be amazed! Once filled with red wine, this carafe takes on the appearance of roots, branches or even veins. An idea well thought out by the sculptor who wondered at length about blood circulation and sap. Once placed on the table, it becomes a real work of art! Something to leave you thinking about at dinner time.
Decanter / decanter n ° 5 by Étienne Meneau Sculpture € 2,499 at The Tops


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