What is a print paint?

What is a print paint?

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Answer: the printing paint allows better adhesion of the final paint.

The printing (or primary) paint makes the support that is going to be painted less porous. The final paint will therefore hold better. Like finishing paints, printing paints fall into several categories: vinyl, acrylic or glycerol. The first two are water-based paints. They are odorless, respect the environment, dry quickly and are easier to use because the material is rinsed with water. There are also specific primers that allow you to then paint any support such as laminate, tiles, iron ... This paint is applied on a healthy and dry support, and prepares it to receive the finishing layer. Cheaper than the latter, the primer is essential for a good end result. It is better not to save it by replacing it with a layer of the final paint if you want a perfectly painted wall.