Which Actifry is right for me?

Which Actifry is right for me?

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Launched in 2007 by the Seb group, the Actifry has revolutionized the way we cook. French fries - but also simmered vegetables or fruit, and even gratins! - are now cooked without supervision, without projections, without smoke, without odors and with a minimal quantity of fat. By surpassing all conventional fryers, the Actifry has proven its efficiency and demonstrated its power of seduction. Since its launch, the French invention has invested more than 7 million homes worldwide! Over the years, Seb has declined its original concept in various formats and options in order to adapt to everyone's needs: helps you decipher the phenomenon and choose the Actifry that best suits your lifestyle! Explanations.

How it works ?

The main strength of Actifry lies above all in its rotating vat, which allows the food to be stirred during cooking and to distribute the fat, thus avoiding its massive addition. Savoring crispy fries on the outside and fluffy on the inside, cooked with a single spoon of oil, is now possible! Very functional, the Actifry is very easy to use and can be disassembled just as easily to be cleaned in the dishwasher: exit the incomprehensible functions and the hours spent in front of the manual!

Which one do I buy?

We first choose its capacity according to the size of the household: the Actifry Mini and its 0.6 kg will be perfect for a single person or a couple; large families will opt for the Actifry Family which can accommodate up to 1.5 kg of food. The latest addition to the range, the Actifry Express XL is ideal for busy parents and can cook more than a kilo of vegetables in less than 30 minutes. Finally for all amateur cooks in need of ideas, the brand's website offers hundreds of recipes to make with his device. At your stove!
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